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COVID-19 Update:
Guidance for religious services
 From Department of the Taoiseach

  • All Masses will be open to 50 people attending, wearing masks, and 2 meter spacing.

  • Funerals:-
    immediate family up to 50 people attending, wearing masks, and 2 meter spacing.

  • Wakes in Private houses:- Immediate family only.

  • Weddings :-  
    up to 100 guests attending in church, wearing masks, and 2 meter spacing.

  • Baptisms:-  can have up to 6 present

We are a Pro Life Church.
It is our duty to protect other people’s health,
and our own by following the published COVID 19 Guidance:-
+ Social Distancing – 2 metres
+ Hand Hygiene
+ Cleaning & Sanitising
+ Ventilation
+ Face covering or mask

When Covid19 Level 5 restrictions are relaxed, the following will continue to apply:-
+Mass,  not exceed 1 hour, including entry and exit times.
Church doors open 15minutes before Mass,
and all must be left the building 1 hour later.

+  MAXIMUM OF 50 PEOPLE [Including sacristan, stewards, and priest]
i.e. Approx 40 spaces

+ Please follow the Instructions for receiving Holy Communion
+ Visits to the crib, - not encouraged at Mass times
+ No choir or congregational singing.
+ No brass or wind music.
+ Possible :- 1 cantor and accompanist, all socially distanced and masked

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