CYMS Golden Jubilee - Killeigh Parish

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CYMS Golden Jubilee

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The CYMS was set up in 1956 by the then Parish Priest, Fr Kennedy.

In his notes about events in the parish, the following is what he wrote about the CYMS:-

As there was no parochial organisation of any kind in Cloneygowan
and no priest or school teacher resided there it was decided to set up a branch of the Catholic Young Men’s Society there in November 1956 – so as to bring the priest and people into closer contact with each other and to intensify the catholic atmosphere of the district.
in 2006, the CYMS celebrated their Golden Jubilee, with a Mass in the Old School, Now known as the CYMS hall. Afterwards there was refreshments for all attending.

Registered Charity, Number 20015848
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